ASR microelectronics went public on the SSE STAR Market, and SCGC's total number of listed portfolio companies increased to 208

January 14, 2022

On 14 Jan. 2022, ASR microelectronics (hereinafter referred to as "ASR", stock code: 688220) went public on the SSE STAR Market, becoming the 208th listed company of Shenzhen Capital Group Company (hereinafter referred to as "SCGC") and the second IPO in 2022.

ASR, established in 2015, is a platform chip enterprise providing wireless communication and super large-scale chips. It is also one of the few domestic enterprises that have made breakthroughs in technology and products in the field of "5g + AI". The company focuses on the R&D and technological innovation of wireless communication chips. With the R&D and design strength of full-standard cellular baseband chips and multi protocol non-cellular Internet of things chips, the company is able to provide large-scale and high-speed SoC chip customization and semiconductor IP authorization services. The company's chip products have achieved large-scale sales. Its chip customization and IP authorization have also made great progress.

SCGC and Shenzhen Qianhai West Fountain investment fund led the A-round investment in ASR in 2017. After the investment, they actively supported cross-border mergers and acquisitions and helped the development of ASR.

Ni Zewang, Chairman of SCGC, was invited to deliver a video speech on the listing of ASR. He expressed that excellent team, combined with international vision, profession and continuous innovation laid a solid foundation for the rapid development of ASR, making it a rising star in China's semiconductor industry. SCGC is hoping for the long-term development of ASR and we will continue to accompany ASR to further develop and become a world-class Chinese chip enterprise. In the meanwhile, we look forward to working with more excellent enterprises to make greater contributions to China's high-tech development and global scientific and technological progress.

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