Development Strategy
Specialized Team
The investment and research teams are grouped according to the seven strategic emerging industries and are deeply specialized in their respective areas of expertise.
Specialized Decision-making process
The investment committee is divided into specialized groups to ensure scientific and professional evaluation.
Specialized Funds
Industrial funds have been set up for the health, new materials, manufacturing transformation, talents, the Internet and civil-military integration fields, as well as an angel fund focusing on early-stage investment making. Industrial funds for consumer upgrading, information technology, and energy and environmental protection fields are under planning.

Relying on the company's resources and experience accumulated over the years in investing in and providing value-added services to innovative SMEs, we are actively expanding our business along the upstream and downstream industrial chain of equity investment, including but not limited to FoF funds, M&A funds, S funds, public funds, real estate funds, etc.


We strengthen our international business layout and enhance cross-border cooperation. We have established Sino-foreign cooperation funds to search for promising projects with a global perspective, facilitate project investment by overseas partners, guide potential overseas projects to settle in China, and promote the overseas listing of eligible invested enterprises in accordance with the time and place.


We make full use of the platform to enhance operation efficiency.

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