Shenzhen Capital (Hong Kong) Asset Management Company Limited had been granted the Type 9 (Asset Management) Licence by the SFC

January 18, 2023

New progress relating to SCGC's overseas business layout had been accomplished on January 18 2023 – Shenzhen Capital (Hong Kong) Asset Management Company Limited (hereinafter "SCGC(HK)AMC"), one of the sub-subsidiaries of Shenzhen Capital Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "SCGC"), had been officially granted the Type 9 (Asset Management) Licence by Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission.

As a Type 9 licensed corporation under the Securities and Futures Ordinance, SCGC(HK)AMC can raise funds from professional investors in Hong Kong, to broaden the sources of funds beyond the existing funds under management, and to capture investment opportunities in Hong Kong and overseas capital markets.

Image Source: SFC’s official website

Ni Zewang, SCGC’s Chairman of the Board, expressed that going global is an important development strategy for SCGC. SCGC(HK)AMC carries the important mission of achieving high-quality and high-speed development of SCGC's international business, and will give full play to its bridgehead role of "going out" and "bringing in" in terms of widening SCGC’s fund-raising channels and enlarging the scope of investments. SCGC will continue to seize opportunities with the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, continuously strengthen its business layout in Hong Kong, deepen cooperation with internationally renowned institutional players, and strive to create a win-win ecosystem for investors and entrepreneurs.

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